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Saugat Academy is not just a coaching institution, here we are writing a new era.

  • 28,212+ volunteers.
  • 1640+ employees
  • 65+ social services
  • 415,000+ INR annual spending for social welfare
  • 15+ upcoming projects for the society


Being a responsible institution, it is our endeavor to set a better example in the society.


Voclasses is an e-learning company. Where any learner can ask their questions and they are given accurate answers by our experts. Our aim is to make Voclasses the biggest question bank in the world.


For all the learners, our organization presents e-library where you can get a lot of e-books absolutely free.

Financial Support

Money is the need of everyone in today's time. That's why we have started Fund Will keeping in mind the needs of the common people. Here you get better return on your deposits.

Social Services

Social Services are our moral obligation and it gives us a lot of happiness. That's why we keep on contributing to many such services. Eg. Environmental protection, Drug Awareness, Youth Welfare etc.

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