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8 Years Experience

Net Worth: 2.41 Million Dollars

Our story began in 2015. Back then we were teaching needy students at our institution without taking a penny. Today we are privileged to connect with thousands of students every day with their academic problems in 100+ countries. We also provides many social and financial services across the globe.

Long time ago when we used to go to school to get education, we found that almost all the students especially the children studying in government schools could not complete their studies due to lack of teachers. Even those children were unable to pay tuition fees. This made our founders very upset and in the year 2015 they started Saugat Academy.

Our Story

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Saugat Games

In 2024, Saugat Academy Launched Saugat Games where users can play educational games with opponent and winner get rewards. This way our objective was to improve logical and reasoning ability of users. Also to keep busy youth in some good stuff.


Friblex Platforms Pvt Ltd

In 2023, Saugat Academy Started New Social Media Company named Friblex Platforms Pvt Ltd, This company was started to build a clean community of social users intented to protect users identity and reducing spam users.


Saugat Library

In 2022, Saugat Academy Launched Saugat Digital Library in Dhukra, Saugat Library has its own server of digital books, video classes of various govt exams. Library opens 17 hours a day.


CDHD Investments

In 2021, Saugat Academy Introduced CDHD platform for the public who wants to save their money and earn higher interest.


Fundwill India Ltd

In 2020, Saugat Academy, taking a revolutionary step, launched the NBFC company FundWill. Its purpose was to use the money of the middle and lower class of the society in the market to give more profit than the bank.


Developer Program

In late 2019, Saugat Academy started the developer program to teach interested children Android Apps, games and website development and decided to sponsor them for free for lifetime.


Voclasses Inc

In June 2018, Saugat Academy, considering the need of the time, started its biggest e-learning project, Voclasses Inc. Its purpose was to provide solutions of the questions to the learners on their mobiles. To keep the interest in learning, the company also started incentive money for asking and answering questions.

The Rural Power

In 2018, Saugat Academy started an organization called The Rural Power, whose purpose was ensured to do social work. However, later it was merged with Saugat Academy itself.


Saugat Shopping

In 2017, Saugat Academy established the e-commerce website Saugat Shopping on trial basis, which was run within a radius of 60 km for 1 year.


In 2016, an online web portal called buyvon was started by Saugat Academy for easy exchange of new and old books.


Launched our company on 06 Nov 2015

Saugat Academy was inaugurated by Rohan Verma, Yogesh Verma, Amandeep Verma, Bhupendra Singh and Rakesh Khichar. After some time the company was taken forward by Rohan Verma and Yogesh Verma.

Team Members

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Rohan Verma

Chairman and Founder

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Yogesh Verma

MD & Co-Founder

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Johny Sardana

Chief Executive Officer

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Asha Jangra

Chief Financial Officer

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Saurabh Thind

Chief Operations Officer